The Heart of Space Membership Card

The Heart of Space Membership Card

The Heart of Space Membership cards are beginning to flow to the world. They are a force of energy to behold and the more of them that are released, the more intensity is being felt in this Heart of Space current.

Here are some of statements from those who have already received their cards.

Sunami“The Heart of Space card is amazing!  As I touched the card, I could feel a surge of current pushing out from my heart centre, a rush of current through the arms and out, creating an intense light and space. The whole being feels held — it feels like there is a ‘force field’ around the heart centre, yet this ’ force field’ continually expanding out with no end and no boundary.  Being held by this current is like being wrapped in a bubble of light, an outshining of all chaos and density. I feel peace, love and absolutely held”. — Sunami

Grayle“Upon receiving the card and touching the centre of it, I felt an immediate empowerment of the Heart of Space placement throughout the form — the Fractaliser at the Head and Seat of Consciousness, the Travelling Bubbler to the left, the presence of Saturn Bubbler and Qualitative Evolution Bubbler to the right. Together it formed an ignited current of life giving Divine Light overwhelming me, transforming and embalming me. Only the Light of Love Itself stands out as the true form.”  — Grayle

Zen“What a restoration for my heart. It felt such a relief to sit and feel this current of love — as if I was directly with the Heart of Space products. All morning I have sat with the card, unable to take my finger off, as if enjoying the company of a long lost friend. Fullness, happiness, contentment in the heart. I can imagine and feel what it would be like to have an actual Heart of Space! What a blessing this card is for those who don’t have a Heart of Space yet!” — Zen

Each Heart of Space Membership contributes to our worldwide fund for supporting the establishment and upgrades of Hearts of Space Centres. To become a member and begin participating in this tremendous current, visit our members tab above.


  1. These cards are incredible! I have been holding one every day and I feel so much energy, so much more brightness… Who would have thought such a little card could hold such intensity and clearing. I want everybody to have one of these… 😉
    Thank you.

  2. so do I! imagine that for a moment…. every person you come across, in the street, in the shop, at work, at home…. holding a heart of space, walking around with one in their pocket…. such a golden current flowing into the world. May it be so!

  3. Theme (from China) wrote: “Just wanted to tell everyone how amazing the Heart of Space card is, especially when in a country where there is no Heart of Space. When we arrived in Shanghai, the density was so great, it was hard to breathe and keep our attention in the bright. We quickly pulled out our Heart of Space card and immediately felt connected to the life giving current again, and could breathe and feel again.”

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