Heart of Space

“Dreams Really Do Come True… with Hermes Far Eastern Shining! A Qualitative Evolution Heart of Space…Imagine that! The biggest most profound blessing and gift to all humanity — a gift to the Earth Sphere…to the entire Cosmos.

A long time ago I dreamed of the wonder and possibility of purchasing a Heart of Space. That’s all it ever was, a fantasy, a surreal dream.  I had absolutely no idea what that could possibly entail, no way of feeling or knowing that desire to bring a Heart of Space to be a grounded reality. I had never lived nor spent much time in a Heart of Space centre. For me personally this was always a soul urging. An intuitive heartfelt response to something incomprehensible. My feeling was simply that if I could ever find a way, find the resources, then this was one thing that I must absolutely do. Truth be known I was never really in the picture, it was always bigger than me.

It’s early days yet… I cannot begin to imagine how all the tomorrows will feel or unfold. But right here, right now, I know that we are eternally blessed and the mystery rolls on gloriously. This Qualitative Evolution Heart of Space is such a precious jewel, a gift so full of promise, to restore the sincerity and integrity of human relationships. There is no felt tension, no separation, we are harmoniously living together in a delightful happy humorous union. All has dissolved other than Peace, Nourishment, Sanctuary, Love and Trust.

The children have been restored their precious innocence, a delirious happiness prevails, of singing and dancing and playing in the moment. Beautiful heartfelt smiles with grateful shining eyes. Dearest Qualitative Evolution Bubbler my Heart of Space. I Love You!  You’re a gift to humanity!  Your blessing is for us all. Thank you to absolutely everyone from Hermes far Eastern Shining for all your hard work and support for your love and dedication in bringing this on.” – Sharan, Australia


“Hi everyone. Now that there are people coming to just be in the Heart of Space, we have new stories everyday. Here are some more:
A woman, who has been doing a Buddhist practice for years said that she was never able to get out of her head when she did her practice. When she comes and sits in the Heart of Space, the activity in her head stops and she falls into her heart.Deb and Asera came today and were only able stay for 15 minutes. They are still excited about the Heart of Space and want to have one on their land one day. Asara was thinking of having 1 of the 3 artifacts in separate buildings, so she can have a large area for people to be in the Heart of Space. A friend, who was involved in the Heart of Center that was built in Crestone Colorado from sacred geometry called me and said that we were on his mind this week (since QE Bubbler went in). I hadn’t spoken to him in 5 years. We immediately connected in the Heart and he said that he had never felt so much Love.I talked to him about the  Heart of Space in our home and he wants to visit soon. Love.”
– Eigen Eigen & Akkadian – New Mexico, USA

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