Venezuela HOS leaving AUS Today!

Venezuela HOS leaving AUS Today!

A Complete Heart of Space with a Saturn Bubbler (packed full of Energies specifically for South America, including the new ‘Leviathan’ Energy) is leaving Australia today headed for Caracas, Venezuela. This HOS is the first one complete with the latest Energetic update – ‘Radiant Conscious Light’. We are all really looking forward to being witness to these Products being setup there very soon…

The Saturn Bubbler that is part of this HOS has some very important new Energies added to it. Here is a sample of them. (Don’t worry if you don’t know what they are. We will follow soon with some descriptions). Needless to say that they are very specific to the country:

The Hunger
The Crux
The Key
Angel of Sweet Surrender
Coming of Eve
Pink Beloved
Shamanism Wizard

We ask also that all of you out there with Satrgate Boxes help to hold the transit of this HOS all the way to its new home. Already we have encountered many obstacles in preparing the Products and getting them out of Australia, which generally indicates that there are some energetics trying to resist or obstruct these Products being established in the world. So, all Stargates prayers for a clear passage would be appreciated.

We will keep you informed as this progresses. Stay tuned… (photos and stories soon.)

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