Beijing Saturn Bubbler Energies

The Saturn Bubbler, which has just been installed into Beijing, is amongst the most potent Bubblers, when it comes to the amount of Energies on it. Places like Beijing obviously need a lot of energetic transformation and hence the specific Alchymeic Energies chosen to go on this Bubbler… Here is a list of the Energies. The ‘dark’ highlighted Energies are the ones that had been added to each sphere. Remember, each Saturn Bubbler is given specific Energies that relate to the specific karma of a country and area it is placed. These Energies will be added to all future Chinese Bubblers, plus any additions ones that are felt to be potent at the time Enjoy! Saturn Bubbler for Beijing, China – 24th September 2014 8 different Energies around the sphere is pushing absolute maximum. RCsL Maha (ON TOP) RCsL Arranging 379 RCsL Negative Terraformer RCsL The Doorway to Hell RCsL Beijing RCsL Tibet RCsL The Great Wall RCsL The Dynasties RCsL Losing Face RCsL Comes Marching Home RCsL Fractal Earth Healer – Arranging 362 (ON TOP) RCsL Earth Works RCsL Ocean Currents RCsL Strange Attractor – Weather Extremes RCsL Climate Change RCsL Mother Earth RCsL Concoction 14 RCsL Arranging 247 RCsL Earth Heartbeat RCsL Arranging 183 RCsL Touching Light (ON TOP) RCsL The Doorway to Heaven RCsL Earth Rising – Arranging 200 RCsL Heart of Space – Arranging 12 RCsL Transitionings RCsL Age of Light RCsL Arranging 177 RCsL Cohorts of Archangels (particularly Uriel) RCsL Teth – The Circle Of Wisdom RCsL Primary Heart Energy – Arranging 354 (ON TOP) RCsL Combinatorial Heart – Arranging 201 RCsL In My Company... read more

German Heart Of Space Moves

Hello folks. You may have been aware that the German Heart Of Space was being moved…? Well it has arrived safely at its new home. Lovely to see and hear form them. Here is a little letter from our new Heart Of Space holder. Enjoy “Dear friends… The Heart of Space is wide open in Germany. Contour delivered the Heart of Space to Wolf while I was still in Texas. They set it up on the furniture in my little ‘office’ in our home. Yesterday, Wolf and I aligned the elements of the Heart of Space using the instructions by aligning the Fractilizer with the North, the Traveling Bubbler to the West and the Saturn Bubbler to the East. Today we had our first visitors since my arrival three days ago. Andrea, pictured below, is from the north of Germany and lived in Australia for seven months within the Hermes community. Her friend Jannik, also pictured, drove with her the many kilometers to pick up the Saturn Bubbler spheres that were left in Wolf’s care by Contour, awaiting Andrea’s arrival. To feel the energy of the Heart of Space upon my arrival was wonderful, but I can honestly say, that once the elements were aligned, a major energetic shift occurred in our home, so peaceful and so powerful, we’ve been totally at ease. I raise my glass and raise a cheer to Proper Alignment! Please give our best wishes and our Love to ShowmMe and all the beautiful friends who live within the energetic embrace of the Heart of Space. Our deepest gratitude to all who contributed to our... read more

HOS Movement – Northern Hemisphere

Hello friends. This last couple of months has seen a lot of Heart of Space Movement around the world, particularly in Europe. Here is an update from our Heart of Space holder, Contour, who has recently been over there moving several Bubblers. (Remember, moving Bubblers is always a big Energy. Shifting these structures as well as find some of them which we’ve lost contact with and re-stimulating their holding – is a big Energy stirring in the world…). “Hello Everybody. What a big time for me travelling to move these Bubblers…! But some wonderful things happened along the way… 🙂 On Monday the 4th of August the Saturn Bubbler in the Canary Islands was moved to the very centre of the island, opposite the Monumento Al Campesino between San Bartolome and Mozaga, just south of Tao. (This Saturn Bubbler has been in need of moving for some time now as the people holding it for the last couple of years had not done an honorable job of it…). I had booked into the Centro del Terapia Antroposofica to avoid the package holiday hotels, a german run peaceful place amongst all the english and irish tourist overwhelm. Just before travelling to Lanzarote, I sent an email to the Centre asking to meet the manager in order to find someone who would hold the Saturn Bubbler. I received an email back from Fridolin, who was standing in for the reservations lady. He told me that he had forwarded the email to his wife, who would be very interested in holding the Bubbler. What an amazingly graceful movement to find a new Bubbler... read more

A New Heart Of Space In Austin Texas

Hello all. Our friends in Austin Texas have recently moved the Qualitative Evolution from Colorado down to Austin to be accessed by a group of people planning to gather there on a weekly basis. They have also recently acquired a Travelling Bubbler and Fractaliser and today brought all of these Energies together in the one place to form a new Heart of Space. They are all extremely excited and can’t wait to spend more time with the Energies. And we are all just as excited for them. Congratulations Austin! We can’t wait to see some photos… If you have a moment and are aware of the Energies of the Heart of Space, please take time now to feel into this new current grounding and pulsing out across the land there in the USA. A reminder that if you need to learn more about the Heart of Space, all of the information is on the pages right here on this site. Alternatively, you can pop over to the main Hermes Far Eastern Shining site to read more about the... read more

Letters From Africa

Great news from our representative in South Africa – the Saturn Bubbler has finally arrived in its new home in Durban. Here is a letter and photos from our representative who was there to witness this wondrous event… “Thank you to everyone for your prayers! The First RCsL Saturn Bubbler created for South Africa is now up in Durban, kwaZulu Natal and radiating its blessing current throughout the country. After weeks of customs and delivery problems, it arrived in perfect condition! The Swan’s, whose home now holds the Bubbler, were so impressed with the care and consciousness of its packaging and presentation – well done the production team!! The man who eventually delivered it late Tuesday, was apparently very interested to know what it was, obviously drawn to it. Nick Swan said although he hadn’t connected much with the Wands and Discs yet, the presence of the Bubbler, even while not set up and still in its boxes was enormous! On Wednesday morning I drove back from the African bush where I had stayed the night at Thula Thula, a reserve run with such passion and dedication to conservation and the environment. The founder Lawrence Anthony passed away last year but his work with elephants and the endangered rhino continues in the dedication of those still at Thula Thula. It felt so good to have the Travelling Bubbler, Tao House and Bright Room there for the night… As I explained to my young friends when they asked what they are for; “to energize and strengthen all the ‘good’ heartfelt work people are doing, and dissolve all the ‘bad’ stuff... read more

The Heart Of Space Movement 2013

The Heart of Space movement in 2013 begins with the installation of a new Saturn Bubbler in Durban – South Africa, and the re-installation of Africa’s first Bubbler into Cape Town. We couldn’t ask for a more perfect way to ignite our yearly vision for the Heart of Space. With this inspirational start, we invite you to be restored in the recognition of this movement and the importance of these extraordinary Energies, and ask you to participate as much as you can this year. With your help, here’s how we would like to proceed… . Africa – a very important place to start… We have had an incredible response to the Alchymie in Africa with the current Saturn Bubbler placements. Therefore, it is clearly important to take advantage of this and make a commitment to complete these Bubblers as Heart of Space Centres ASAP. This will require the purchase of two Travelling Bubblers and two Fractalisers. Here is the plan… 1. One Travelling Bubbler, already partly paid for… One of our Australian Heart of Space holders, (who lived in Africa for 11 years and who has recently travelled there), has already made a generous donation towards the purchase of one of these Travelling Bubblers! All we need to complete this purchase is $2000. This amount should be easily achieved by a small group of people, or even one generous donor. Are you that person? (Here is a photo of our Australian HOS holder in Africa recently, meeting a tribal family. Notice the child holding her Alchymeic Pendants…).   2. The second Travelling Bubbler is already there… Our Hermes representative, Theme, who is currently in South Africa... read more

First Saturn Bubbler For South Africa

This year we will see many more Bubblers and Heart of Space enter the world. And to kick it all off for 2013, there will be a Saturn Bubbler arriving in South Africa any day which will be setup some time in the coming weeks in Durban. This Saturn Bubbler is an important one as it is the first Bubbler for South Africa and hold the latest intensification in the Alchymeic Energies – ‘Radiant Conscious Light’ with all of the new Energies like Leviathan etc… If you have a Stargate Box, we would ask you to please work some prayers with us – firstly that the Bubbler clears customs swiftly without obstruction. And that the entrance of this big Energy into South Africa be as stable and grounded as can be. As many of you know when Bubblers are installed, (especially into countries that don’t have any) there can be some turbulence, both energetic and environmental. So our prayer and intention is to allow this entrance as swiftly and easefully as possible, (and to hold Theme as she facilitates this process). In addition to the Saturn Bubbler entering, our representative already has a RCSL Travelling Bubbler with her which is purifying the way energetically. So, fell into it all over the coming days. We will keep you informed as we progress. (If you are sensitive to these events, you will probably feel this as a big... read more

New Zealand Saturn Bubbler

We have seen some great movement this year with the Heart of Space centres and Products all over the world. Hundreds of people world wide continue to feel the blessing of these wondrous Energies on a daily basis as we work to establish as much of this Energy in the world at this time. Amongst some of the movement, was the rescue of a Saturn Bubbler on the South Island of New Zealand. This Bubbler, which had been gifted over seven years ago, had been packaged up and put in storage. This is always a heatbreaking event and we always move to find ways to re-establish the Bubblers. Our Hermes representative, Lightly, headed over there several weeks ago with repairs and new spheres to set it up again. We have meet some lovely people who run special retreats and are embracing the Bubbler Energy. They are very grateful to have it. Here is a letter from Lightly… “The South Island NZ bubbler which had been packed away for 5 yrs in Dunedin was finally set up on Monday morning on this beautiful property overlooking the Bay at Akaroa which is 2hrs south of Christchurch. After the terrible earthquake 2 yrs ago we felt it was imperative we find someone to hold the bubbler and have it up again. By grace these folk were introduced to us through friends of friends. None of these people knew anything of our work yet it seemed Divinely orchestrated as I was soon to find out their property was the home of a Mystery School that had connections to the Tao tradition. I arrived... read more

Heart of Space Movement, Asia Summary – 2012

Hello friends. It’s been a big year for the Heart of Space movement, but nowhere has the response been more significant than in Hong Kong. After many years of presenting the Hermetic work by our Hermes Far Eastern Shining representative Sunami Designer in Asia, there has been more Heart of Space product placed there this year than anywhere else in the world. Our new friends there have been great in supporting this emergence and it is wonderful to be meeting many of you coming to experience these wonderful Energies. In this whirlwind year of 2012, Hong Kong has received five Travelling Bubblers, four Fractalisers and two Saturn Bubblers (completing Hong Kong’s first two Heart of Space). In a year that has seen the emergence of the new Tao Energy House, we can feel the significance of these past months of accelerated response and we thank and send our blessing to all who have supported this movement. Here are some words from Sunami Designer, after the first Heart of Space was installed in October… “The first Heart of Space in Hong Kong was installed on the 8th October. On the day of the set up, the apartment was packed with people.  They were all standing and sitting wherever they could find a spot.  As the energies were installed, the space felt more and more expanded – it  became clearer and clearer. The intense head pressure we feel in the city was released, especially after the Fractalizer went in.  There was stillness in the air.  People became more relax and opened. For the first few days after the HOS went in, there was big... read more

Venezuela HOS Setup

Hello folks. Good news… The new Radiant Conscious Light Heart of Space that was sent to Caracas, Venezuela, was setup this morning. There were seven people present and all were truly touched and felt the intense blessing current of the moment. Adding to the intensity of this event, the HOS installment happened during the transit of Venus across the Sun!. What an auspicious sign…   In the words of our Latin America representative who facilitated this setup, “Today in the midst of all that energy from the Sun! Venus! and the Earth was completed between a group of friends create the heart of space with the installation of the new Saturn Bubbler RCsL. There are no words to describe and make them understand the beauty of these alchemical artifacts. The only thing I can do is share photos and invite them to look for a quiet place where he can sit with a glass and a jug of water and take traguito to traguito energies: RCsL fire of the soul – under 168 RCsL Fractaliser RCsL Travelling Bubbler RCsL Saturn Bubbler RCsL Amaryllis RCsL heart of space. Today, no doubt, was a day of magic, a day of light, a day of love, a day of transformation, for us, for Baruta, for Caracas, for Venezuela, for the Venezuelans. From Amaryllis! Thank you Thank you Thank you to the creators of this alchymie and this wonderful community of people in Australia that with their effort, dedication and faith allowed us to experience this. God is grace!” Remember, when a Heart of Space is setup, it usually takes three days to... read more

Asia Comes Onboard!

Our Asian representative, who has been working tirelessly to introduce the Hermetic Products into China, Hong Kong and Asia for several years now, is on her way to Hong Kong in three weeks with two more Travelling Bubblers and a Fractaliser! With the placement of a whole Heart Of Space and additional Travelling Bubbler into Hong Kong six months ago, a Fractaliser 4 weeks ago and the arrival of these new products soon, this is a great sign for the emergence of the Alchymeic presence in Asia. We are all sure to see some real energetic shifts taking place there! NOTE: This great photo was taken several years ago when the first Saturn Bubbler was being placed in Asia. It pictures our representative, Sunami, holding one of the Bubbler spheres before placing it on the structure. The light captures the ball just at the right time, making it glow. The Bubbler installation events are very powerful sacred events. Every Energy is felt and acknowledged, then placed on the Bubbler, one at a time. If you ever receive an invitation to participate in one of these Bubbler installations, we would recommend attending. Enjoy.... read more

Travelling Bubbler Shifts Gears…

The powerful psychic clearing Travelling Bubbler has just been energetically intensified with a selection of new Energies and has now emerged as a mighty force…! With a shift to ‘Radiant Conscious Light’ and an additional 43 new Energies added to its original 37, this new Bubbler is set to pack a real punch! These Energies are now available as an upgrade for all who have a Travelling Bubbler and would like to participate in this intensification taking place across the world now. Read on… History Of The Travelling Bubbler The first of all bubblers to be created was the Saturn Bubbler. There was a great response to its energy and many people wanted to see and feel it first hand, but it was too large to travel with and thus the Travelling Bubbler was created. Its original intention was to be a travelling ‘Saturn Bubbler’. Yet during its creation, the Travelling Bubbler took on as part of its intention to address the energy field, aura, or subtle dimensions of existence, and several Alchymeic Energies were added to help with this function over time. The Travelling Bubbler also took up its place several years ago as an intrinsic part of the Heart of Space, providing the psychic clearing dimension to this powerful trio of Alchymeic Artifacts. However, since the inception of the ‘Radiant Conscious Light’ intensification across the entire Hermetic Product range, many of the larger artifacts that were created years ago, appeared to require specific intensification’s. Now, with this vast intensification and evolution, the new Travelling Bubbler has finally arrived at its true form – the powerful psychic clearing... read more

New Energies On Travelling Bubbler

The powerful psychic clearing Travelling Bubbler has just been energetically intensified with a selection of new Energies and has emerged as a mighty force…! With a shift to ‘Radiant Conscious Light’ and an additional 43 new Energies added to its original 37, this new Bubbler is set to pack a real punch! The Travelling Bubbler upgrade is now available for all who have one and would like to participate in this intensification taking place across the world now. It is our desire to be able to upgrade as many Travelling Bubblers as possible in order to help shift the energy of these important artifacts, as well as to help lift all Heart of Space Centres world wide. The NEW Travelling Bubbler contains a very powerful combination of clearing energies. Each sphere has been specifically designed to touch and transform our auras and the aura of our environments to allow a much greater psychic space in which to grow and transform. These Bubbler spheres are now amongst some of the most penetrating yet liberating combinations of Alchymeic Energies that have ever been released to the world. *Here is the full list of Alchymeic Energies on the NEW Travelling Bubbler. The newest energies are highlighted in RED. Full descriptions of these new Energies will be available soon. Please speak to your Hermes representatives if you have any questions about the Bubbler. (Note – ‘Arr’ in the name of an Energy means Arranging.) SPHERE 1 – (5 ENERGIES) Maha Hardware Alien Below the Plane of the Ecliptic The Unholy Arr 288 Concoction 16 Light Breaks Where No Light Shines SPHERE 2 –... read more

Saturn Bubblers – You can help transform the planet!

You have probably noticed that the world is in a terrible state. Thousands of years of human existence has been taking a serious toll on the planet. The earth is under enormous pressure from having absorbed all of the history, the hatred, aggression, the exploitation and the heartlessness of humanity as a whole. The pressure is escalating and until now there has been no effective way of dealing with such an outcome – not politically, socially nor scientifically. It would be nice if “doing our part” could be fulfilled by saying a few prayers and affirmations or “thinking nice thoughts”, but things have progressed far beyond that point. Many realise that with the energetics of the planet in a critical state of imbalance and distress, with the prevalence of natural disasters, wars and the devastation of the planet – a strong energetic solution is required. The energetic pressure must be released and the present condition must be transformed. The Saturn Bubblers have been created in direct response to this need. By transmuting the accumulation of energetic density, the dissolving of the karmas of the past, an awakening in humanity to conscious responsibility for all of our actions is possible. But time is short and the need for each of us to take effective action is paramount. Placement of the Bubblers Since the placement of the first Saturn Bubbler in the USA in 1999, many more Bubblers have directly touched and blessed tens of thousands of people across the world. Most people who have been graced with a moment to sit with the energy of a Saturn Bubbler have felt... read more

Venezuela HOS leaving AUS Today!

A Complete Heart of Space with a Saturn Bubbler (packed full of Energies specifically for South America, including the new ‘Leviathan’ Energy) is leaving Australia today headed for Caracas, Venezuela. This HOS is the first one complete with the latest Energetic update – ‘Radiant Conscious Light’. We are all really looking forward to being witness to these Products being setup there very soon… The Saturn Bubbler that is part of this HOS has some very important new Energies added to it. Here is a sample of them. (Don’t worry if you don’t know what they are. We will follow soon with some descriptions). Needless to say that they are very specific to the country: Werewolf Quetzalcoatl The Hunger The Crux The Key Angel of Sweet Surrender Coming of Eve Pink Beloved Shamanism Wizard We ask also that all of you out there with Satrgate Boxes help to hold the transit of this HOS all the way to its new home. Already we have encountered many obstacles in preparing the Products and getting them out of Australia, which generally indicates that there are some energetics trying to resist or obstruct these Products being established in the world. So, all Stargates prayers for a clear passage would be appreciated. We will keep you informed as this progresses. Stay tuned… (photos and stories... read more

Africa Bubbler Arrives At New Home!

The African Saturn Bubbler, which has been in transit for several weeks from Zambia to Cape Town, arrived safely and has been setup in its new home. Thanks to a group of caring people who helped facilitate the transition of this important Bubbler, and also all those out there who have have been diligently holding this in your prayers and on your Stargates, the Bubbler arrived in very good condition and has received several upgrades to its Energy upon re-installment. More on this soon… If you are sensitive to when Bubblers are setup, take a moment now in you meditation and call forward the Energy of this Bubbler. It will generally take a few days to ground, and having more people feel and acknowledge its presence will assist in this process. Let us know what you feel in the comments below. There is much more to come for the Heart of Space Movement in Africa with another Saturn Bubbler set to go there in the near future. We are excited to now have this opportunity to place these profoundly important Energies on this continent and we are sure that we will see a lot of movement there over the coming weeks. Stay tuned… We look forward to bringing you more news on this Bubbler as it grounds and stabilises in its new home, and also any new developments for the Heart of Space Movement in... read more

Letters From Athens…

The Qualitative Evolution Bubbler, Fractaliser and Travelling Bubbler were set up in Athens at the end of last year. Our new Greek friends, who are receiving these new Energies, have been having great experiences that they would like to share with you. “…The vision of the bubblers’ configuration in Athens is not just for the sake of Greece. Athens is currently in the eye of the storm of an ill-intending global economic and political system, which pressures to reverse any hard-won sense of equity, justice, social care and indeed, democracy. It is not an accident that it starts here. Athens was the birthplace of democracy, not just as it is known from history’s classical years. Spiritual democracy originated tens of thousands of years ago, under the guidance of Spirit. Leaders were elected directly by the people, according the power of their spiritual truth and Light. Their service was selfless, as they were not getting paid and communities’ resources were fairly handled, so that all vulnerable members were taken care of.  These simple, yet ancient values, are threatened today by a global battle, which is not just economic-political, but an energetic one too. This is why I feel the vision of the many Bubblers here would be so helpful, to stabilize and anchor the Light, not just for the sake of Greece, but for what Greece symbolizes in this global turmoil, which, underneath the facade, has high spiritual significance. I cna see already that the new network of Light (assisted by the Hermes structures), will help revive and expand a very very old network of Light which had been dormant... read more

Bubbler Up In Greece

The first part of our important mission to set up a Heart of Space in Greece has been accomplished. The Qualitative Evolution Bubbler and Fractaliser which were sent two weeks ago, and had been held in customs, finally cleared and have been successfully setup at their new home in Athens. The event was only a small gathering of four people, but a powerful moment for all present to feel the impact of this Qualitative Evolution Bubbler entering the density of the psyche there. The QE Bubblers are quite different to the Saturn Bubblers and feel to hold a great significance for Greece. Here is a small reminder of what the QE Bubbler addresses; “The Qualitative Evolution Bubbler is an attempt to allow the Divine hand to enter as radiance and to touch the hearts of man, it is a call to unity consciousness, beyond the separation and mindedness that has brought us to this moment. Its specific intention is to support the psychic structure of the earth plane at an esoteric level.” With the current crisis in Greece and Europe, there is a great need for unity consciousness and the return to the feeling, intuitive dimension, away from linear, minded thinking that has gripped the world. Thank you again to all who have participated in helping to get these products into Greece. We are still working on our fundraising to complete the payment for these products (which were sent to Greece before payment was complete, due to the necessity of these Energies to enter there.) If you are able to continue to help us fulfill this obligation by donating... read more

Greece Heart of Space, Is Go!

The Qualitative Evolution Bubbler that was sent to Greece last week has arrived and is moments away from being installed into Athens. Our representatives from the UK have arrived to help facilitate this Bubbler setup and will be letting us know as soon as we have a date and time. In addition to this, the Fractaliser for this Heart of Space has also arrived and will be setup as part of this gathering. As always, when Bubblers and Heart of Space are installed, we invite everyone worldwide to feel into the event together. This is a very potent exercise which allows you to feel and connect with the moment, through meditation and psychic witness, and help facilitate the energy of the Product to ground. So, when it’s time, we will let you know and you can be part of the event wherever you are. Finally, these Heart of Space Products that have already been sent to Greece, are part of a fundraising effort involving many people world wide, and were sent before the purchase was complete. We are still in the process of completing this purchase and need your help. We are needing more donations and and Heart of Space Membership Card purchases to fulfill this. So, if you would like to be a part of making this Heart of Space for Greece possible, please click here to... read more
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