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The Centres consist of three main artifacts: a Fractaliser, Travelling Bubbler and Qualitative Evolution Bubbler or Saturn Bubbler.  These esoteric artifacts are placed together in a triangular formation. This formation creates the sacred geometry or Alchymeic structure that allows volumetric current to enter and ground, or incarnate into this cosmic display. The artifacts can be placed in different rooms within the same building.

The Fractaliser

The Alchymeic Hermetic intention of the Fractaliser represents the awakening to Higher Consciousness, or the evolution of Higher Mind. The dimensions of the Fractaliser are specifically related to the Great Pyramid at Giza. The Alchymeic design of the Fractaliser incorporates a central rod: this two stacked Radiant Realm Fractal Earth rod stands through the central chamber with a gold-plated apex capstone in the shape of an arrow head and incorporating a diamond.

The Fractaliser shape creates a chamber or space within which to allow the flowering of the being to awaken as the breath, and to have the weight of the gravity of ‘usual’ life lifted from the body. The gold apex of the Fractaliser is seen as the arrow piercing the darkness, while the diamond that rests inside the capstone holds a poignant current, representing the Divine State, or the Bright of Conscious Life amplified. The Fractaliser is seen as the spearhead of the Divine, cutting through and creating a pathway for ascension. The Fractaliser moves to dissolve the structure of mind and its limitation and fixity.

If we consider everyone’s constant thinking as an energetic stream of communication, then we can imagine the impact of 7 billion people’s thought forms! The Fractaliser is intended to transform the usual, cramped thinking processes that have for lifetimes overwhelmed heart feeling, thus allowing space to feel and connect to the Divine. The amount of wrong thinking (projected thought and projected negative emotions over lifetimes, in the form of fear, doubt, sorrow and anger) has created what appears in the subtle like a black cloud that has made this ‘place’ a place of ‘forgetting’.

The intention of the Fractaliser and thus very Consciousness is to break through the projected ‘planar’ thought patterns or idealisation, which has no basis in reality (purely imaginary, mostly more, not mostly less). As greater numbers of Fractalisers are placed across the earth plane, it is our prayer that there be a quickening and piercing of the ‘impossibility thinking’ that is so binding across this world, while also providing the sanctuary for real contemplation and growth in God. To enjoy and receive the Fractaliser current, you may place a glass of water over the apex and drink.


The Travelling Bubbler

The  Travelling Bubbler is an Alchymeically Imbued Hermetic Artifact designed specifically for the psychic clearing and transmuting of environmental psychic influences that surround our daily living. Each human being has a number of energy fields that are constantly affected by interactions with other people and the many places that we visit. We may notice that when we go to places where people are stressed, exhausted, in conflict, not well, etc., that we are affected by these energetic communications and projected ‘thought’ forms (the psychic dimension of existence).  This may correlate in an apparent shift of our own personal level of energy and gnosis.

This Bubbler consists of fourteen hand-blown, coloured liquid-filled glass spheres resting on highly polished clear cylinders over a revolving base, similar to the Saturn Bubbler, yet miniature in size. Each glass sphere holds several of the 36 specifically selected Energies, which in its complete form hold the exquisite purifying presence of the Travelling Bubbler. The Travelling Bubbler is intended to deal with these energetic aspects of life, to create ‘space’ for real intelligence, heartfelt communication and a psychically clearer environment to live in. The Travelling Bubbler is designed to clear the psychic field of the town or city in which it is placed and is specifically related to energetic influences ‘above’ the earth plane (the psychic imprint of human beings).

There is a map that sets the alchymeic intention for the Bubbler, it sits inside the central cylinder and reads:

“The Travelling Bubbler seeks its own perimeter,
which may or may not coincide to the perimeter of some actual city,
it may be larger or smaller, since it seeks what serves most obviously.”



The Saturn Bubbler

The Saturn Bubblers have been described as ‘blessed art’. Fourteen hand-blown, coloured liquid-filled glass spheres resting on highly polished clear cylinders over a revolving base. Each glass sphere holds specific Energies, which combine to radiate a blessing force across an entire state or small country in which the Saturn Bubbler is placed. Each state or country has its own particular karma (just like people) – a history that has shaped the nature of that ‘place’. In response to this, additional Energies are added to each Saturn Bubbler to address the particularities of its location.

The inception of the Saturn Bubblers at this critical time in the world is of great significance. They are esoteric structures arising out of the Mystery. Since water holds memory, these structures hold the radiance of the Divine as continuous consciousness. This allows them to be felt and combined with at a feeling level, beyond mind. The Saturn Bubblers hold the alchymeic radiance to touch and imbue the Earth’s energy field with heart current. They are the Heart’s response to the wounds of the earth. Given sufficient numbers of Saturn Bubblers, this force of light may have the capacity to make amends for the consequences of our actions and invoke a shift in the consciousness of all who commune with them.

A Saturn Bubbler is a sacred geometrical structure designed to energetically restore the earth plane and lift and evolve the consciousness of humanity through an Alchymeic process. The Saturn Bubblers are designed to act as ‘vehicles’ or ‘beacons’ to ground the Divine Light, radiating a vast energy across an entire land mass.

The blessing current is intended to allow a powerful force of energetic clearing, restoration and purification to ‘lighten’ the psychic density and accumulation of negative actions. It is a vast blessing, made beautiful. The Saturn Bubblers have been seen in psychic vision as golden threads of Light, like sutures, stitching the fabric of the earth plane back together. The Saturn Bubblers around the world work together as a unity, a network of light that holds and supports the planet. They are the touch that feels the earth.



The Qualitative Evolution Bubbler

The Qualitative Evolution Bubblers are felt to be an important part of the sacred geometry of Heart of Space Centres and thus they can be purchased in place of a Saturn Bubbler or in addition to the Saturn Bubbler to complete a Heart of Space Centre. The Qualitative Evolution Bubbler is an evolutionary current, it is not ‘solid’.  This current invokes the leap into the esoteric, allowing this ascension to actualise at the level of life “As Above So Below”. The Qualitative Evolution Bubbler is not fixed to a particular State or Country once positioned, as the Saturn Bubblers are. The Qualitative Evolution Bubbler is designed to support the Saturn Bubblers as a force for grounding the Divine Light in this world.

In the final months of 2005, the Qualitative Evolution Bubbler was created as a direct response to the growing crisis and felt intensity of the state of the earth plane itself. The magnitude of the crisis that is presently apparent, (reported by endless scientific research) leads to an overwhelming gesture that must be made with immediacy if we are to have a future at all. This is obviously beyond human capacity to be able to make such a gesture at a material level. Divine grace and a shift in consciousness must be ignited for the heart’s cry to be heard. The Qualitative Evolution Bubbler is an attempt to allow the Divine hand to enter as radiance and to touch the hearts of humankind. It is a call to Unity Consciousness, beyond the separation and mindedness that has brought us to this moment. Its specific intention is to support the psychic structure of the earth plane at an esoteric level.

Greece Heart of Space (Qualitative Evolution Bubbler)In the psychic witness, the Qualitative Evolution Bubbler’s purpose was revealed to support the integrity of the internal structure of the earth plane itself, at an energetic level. It is dealing with the feeling nature of the earth as a living organism. It is working at core levels. Just as the body has meridians, (as understood in Chinese medicine) the earth plane too has energetic meridians. The Qualitative Evolution Bubbler is specific to these energetic meridians, helping to hold their integrity, whilst the earth as a living organism appears to be under extreme duress. This imbalance has been created from the earth absorbing lifetimes of man’s unconscious and ignorant actions.


Additional Products To Complement
the Heart of Space:


The Zoroastrian Bubbler

This Bubbler is named on the basis of the Zoroastrian religion that used black and white pieces on a chessboard to create configurations. These configurations, based upon what they saw represented in nature, would produce symbols, to bring balance between the dark and the light. It was about the relationship and the interaction between good and evil.

Zoroastrianism was based in Persia and could have been a stable influence for anything up to 5000 years. So with respect to the Zoroastrian Bubbler, the Energy represented here gives rise to the ‘creative control’ in the play between good and evil.

The vision was given to create a format of the balance between the dark and the light spheres of the Zoroastrian Bubbler. The importance of the Fractaliser (which is placed within the centre of this Bubbler) is to bring the Temple, spearheaded by the centre arrow, to pierce the ‘mind’ and to allow the red sphere of “The Next Voice You Hear” to awaken humankind to the intuition that is alive, but prevented by mind. Calling on the intuition and holding it sacred. Upon the Fractaliser Amentis Base there is a flower image which is called “Heart Evolution Geometry”, which represents the flowering of the brain-mind. The white and black arms reaching up…polarised forms…male and female arms…the extension of the Heart.

Its intention holds the prayer for greater Unity of Heart Awakening, a current of equanimity and balance to touch the land, to bring Divine Heart to those who may be holding power and to be released as nations of the stress that has divided humanity.

One of the intentions is that this Bubbler will hold the current of the Hermetic Art eternally, not only through the earth plane, but the universe itself. Bringing the living Heart, alive, to be felt and known and held as a sacred Alchymie — for all time.

To allow the Divine to be felt alive as the present moment, where all history does not exist – where there is only this present arising and the illusion of separation dissolves, As Above, So Below.

It is a profoundly spiritual, prayerful, Unity Consciousness that this Bubbler holds within its intention.

“… Love is the Only law.
So negativity cannot persist.
Soon negativity will be washed away.”



The Divine Citation Bubbler

Divine Citation Bubbler“It is really a summons. Everyone is to be summoned to the Divine court awaiting judgment due to the unprecedented deterioration of the earth and the loss of moral certitude. Everyone is summoned away from their ‘usual’ life, into something much greater.”

What this Bubbler represents is Divine Citation, the reversal of destiny at a gross-vital level — the birthing of a new cosmic form. It is an evolutionary moment.

An evolutionary step is required for human kind; old structures, old adaptations, old ways must be dissolved and the Divine Current must enter whole bodily the vehicles of man. Time has already run out for the option to even choose. The Divine Current will force submission in an unprecedented way. The Heart will break open and the time is now.

The passage through to Divine incarnation has been revealed at a cellular level; this portal must be passed through if humankind is to move beyond this present moment of seemingly impossible outcomes. Submission to that which is greater, beyond separative self and egoic desiring is where we stand. This awakening within consciousness is the evolutionary step that must be realised through Grace, rather than being forced to suffer the consequences in our failure to do so.

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