About Hermes

Hermes Far Eastern Shining is a company in Australia that produces Alchymeic Artifacts based on the Gnostic Science of Hermes Trismegistus. It is with the support of these Artifacts that we inspire individuals to grow beyond their present levels of limitation, inviting the process of Real Transformation. The Alchymie of true transformation is a literal process that human beings intuitively desire at the heart, yearning for what is truly Great. These artifacts include the unique and remarkable Heart of Space product)

Our work is esoteric in essence, and non-denominational in its spiritual presence. Behind this organisation is a group of individuals who are whole-heartedly committed to a life of transformation in Consciousness. This process is based on the awakening and understanding of what it is to be responsible as human beings.

We aspire to the recognition that every action we make has a consequence, and energetic impact, not only an environmental impact, but an impact on all living beings, on the Cosmos itself. Individuals touched by Hermes Far Eastern Shining are awakened to the intuition and Remembrance of the existence of something Greater.

“Imagine an entire world of human beings living and breathing on the basis of Love Itself.
Without warring, without judgment, without boundary,
without separation, yielded only as Love.

Together, creating an energetic field which allows the consciousness of Love itself

to spread like a wildfire across the earth plane.
Imagine such a possibility…

To create this as a prototype for the world is this longing.
And that is what Hermes Far Eastern Shining is all about.”

To learn more about the Alchymie of Hermes Far Eastern Shining and other products please visit the Hermes International Website www.hermesfareasternshining.com

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